I didn’t write the rules, why should I follow them?

Who wrote the rules? I didn’t. You did. So why have I taken your rules as mine. Hard to shake though; deeply conditioned and pushed.

Found at all stages the rules we most often wed ourselves to aren’t ours, they’re someone else’s. Then we defend them, sometimes to the death – but they weren’t ours to start with.

The assumptions that go into building those rules often aren’t ours. The experiences that build those assumptions often aren’t ours. And often they clash with our lived experience. And they deny us the opportunity to be our most creative; explosive.

The quote comes from W. Eugene Smith and was in response to a question about breaking the rules of photography. A sign that deeply creative boundaries are self-imposed and it leads to the most compelling and original work.

Otherwise you’re just walking on someone else’s sidewalk.

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